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ServiceModel.Grpc client configuration


ClientFactory does not have any static methods as usually default configuration is good only for “hello world” project.

public static class Program
    private static readonly IClientFactory DefaultClientFactory
        = new ClientFactory(new ServiceModelGrpcClientOptions
            MarshallerFactory = ...
            DefaultCallOptionsFactory = () => ...
            ErrorHandler = ...

    public static async Task Main(string[] args) { }



The method generates a proxy for IMyContract via Reflection.Emit and applies the configuration for proxy.

DefaultClientFactory.AddClient<IMyContract>(options =>
    // setup ServiceModelGrpcClientOptions for this client
    // by default options contain values from default factory configuration

IClientFactory.AddClient<TContract>(IClientBuilder<TContract>, Action<ServiceModelGrpcClientOptions>?)

The method registers a specific proxy builder for IMyContract and applies the configuration for proxy. The method is used by source code generator.

Configure ServiceModel.Grpc.DesignTime to generate a source code of IMyContract proxy:

internal static partial class MyGrpcServices
    // generated code ...
    public static IClientFactory AddMyContractClient(this IClientFactory clientFactory, Action<ServiceModelGrpcClientOptions> configure = null) {}

register generated proxy IMyContract:

DefaultClientFactory.AddMyContractClient(options =>
    // setup ServiceModelGrpcClientOptions for this client
    // by default options contain values from default factory configuration


CreateClient creates an new instance of a specific client with previously assigned configuration.

Silent proxy generation (Reflection.Emit)

In this example

public interface IContract
    Task<T> SumAsync<T>(T x, T y);

    void Dispose();

var client = DefaultClientFactory.CreateClient<IContract>()

the proxy will be created by the factory without any errors, but at runtime a method invocation will throw NotSupportedException:

// throw NotSupportedException("... generic methods are not supported ...")
client.SumAsync<int>(1, 3);

// throw NotSupportedException("... method is not operation contract ...")

Use ServiceModelGrpcClientOptions.Logger to see warnings from ClientFactory.

One contract, but 2 clients with different configuration

public interface IContract { }

var factory1 = new ClientFactory(/* configuration 1*/);
var factory2 = new ClientFactory(/* configuration 2*/);

// client with configuration 1
var client1 = factory1.CreateClient<IContract>();
// client with configuration 2
var client2 = factory2.CreateClient<IContract>();

Make your ClientFactory instance singleton

var factory = new ClientFactory();
for (var i=0; i<10; i++)